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Company: Haining Lipeng electronic technology co.,ltd

Address: No.11 Xinghua Road, Yanguan Town, Haining city, Zhejiang, China

Tel: +86-573-87680188

Mail: xuli@ptczj.com

Website: http://www.ptczj.com/


PTC Water Heater

Application Design 
·PTC immerging heater, our company has developed by using PTC elements could be used to maintain constant temperature, without the traditional method of using temperature-controlling instruments to control the exterior temperature; 
·It enjoys a low cost and is more endurable and will not be damaged when used without water; 

·It is applicable to a wide range of voltages and we could devise them according to the requirements of different household electric appliances; 


·Safe and secure 
·Automatic temperature control very long life. 
·Suitable for surface temperatures below 260 degree Celsius 
·Rated voltage: 6 to 240V 
·Power: 20-800W 
·Insulation voltage: 3750V/s 
·Surface temperature: 100-290℃ 

Customized orders as per client’s specifications available, PTC heater is a smart heater 

Classify by structure for PTC Water heating

Application Design 

·PTC transflux heater, mainly applied to the refluxing of high-grade foot bath, it has more advantages than the traditional heating material (for example: quartz glass tube), such as convenient installation, long life, is not easy to damage. 

·Shape and dimension may according to the customer actual requirements to customized. 


·Safe and secure 
·Automatic temperature control 
·Suitable for surface temperatures below 260 degree Celsius 
·Rated voltage: 6 to 240V 
·Power: 20~2000W 
·Insulation voltage: 3750V 
·Surface temperature: 80~290℃ 
·Customized orders as per client’s specifications available